Dancing Robot

Animation project for a graduate Motion Capture class, at ATEC, UTDallas

More information about this project:

Djakhangir Zakhidov of STEM — director, producer, editor, motion builder fx, aep
Scott Ungchursri — 3d body model, lighting, texturing, sound design
Carlos Moreno — 3d head model, lighting, texturing, illustrator, concept art
Travis Ballard — writer, motion director, vicon c3d clean-up, art direction

Danielle Georgiou — mocap actress/dancer (Bubbles)
Scott Ungchusri — mocap actor (Archie)



Acoustic Shadows

Acoustic Shadows is an audiovisual, immersive, and interactive installation currently exhibited at the Dallas Museum of Art.  Produced by Frank and Kristin Lee Dufour of Agence 5970 and filmed by STEM Productions.

Event: C3 Artistic Encounters with Agence 5970: Acoustic Shadows—Transformation
Dallas Museum of Art, C3 Theater. Thursday, May 17, 6:30-8:00 p.m.  Join the cast and production team as they discuss the immersive qualities in the work and the use of choreography and lighting to interpret movement in space. They are interested in exposing the question of unity and identity of a work of art, as it integrates multiple individual talents into a single expression.

«Acoustic Shadows’ is based on a modern Interpretation of the Myth of Orpheus.  The Space, inhabited by the work and by the viewer, is transformed into a meaningful environment, in which these entities dialogue by exchanging manifestations of their existence.

The viewer is enveloped into a multi-sensory and reactive recursive System, composed of the physical space, 3-dimensional sound, and projected images.  The System actually ‘listens’ for changes in the environment generated by the presence and movement of the viewer, and modifies the audiovisual content. The reflection and absorption of sound waves upon bodies create the auditory manifestation of silent movement, which, in this context is termed, Acoustic Shadows.»

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Kevin Simon

We made this short video about the musical genius of our friend, Kevin Simon. While the concept here is just to show him playing different instruments, this video is also a chance to see Kevin composing and improvising an original musical piece from scratch. Kevin is truly a source of inspiration!

To contact Kevin visit:

Special thanks to Ryan Miller for allowing us to use his studio: