B-roll, or action footage, is an essential building block of any video production.  Having amazing and abundant b-roll will make your videos stand out and appear professionally produced.  Let’s face it, nobody wants to watch a talking head on screen for too long.  I have shot enough b-roll to know what works and what doesn’t, and I will be glad to help you acquire amazing b-roll.  Ask me about 120 fps, timelapses, dolly track, steadicam, drone photography, ultra-hd, green screen, and multi-cam options.

Interviews are the soul of every story.  The person on camera needs to feel comfortable and confident, and needs to be able to connect to the viewer.  The tone of voice, the quality and depth of content, the right energy and presence on screen… are all important to convey the right message.  I genuinely love producing and filming interviews, and I’ve heard only positive feedback from all of my on-camera subjects.

Editing is all about choices. An editor has to experiment with a variety of different approaches before settling on the best. Everything is under question: perspectives, timing, narrative choices, transitions…  And while visuals matter a great deal, it is really the successful music and sound design choices that separate great videos from mediocre ones.

Many projects can be enhanced with motion design.  I use graphic design techniques and 12 principles of animation to evoke a real emotional response from the viewer.  I know how to follow your brand guidelines to deliver animated texts, logos, transitions, etc., that fit your brand’s creative style.

One of my life-long passions is black and white photography.  I use a large format film camera to capture your portrait on a 4×5 negative and then custom print it for you on a museum-quality archival silver gelatin print.  These beautifully framed portraits come in various sizes and are intended to last several hundred years if preserved properly.

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